Florida heroes in blue hire prostitute and snort cocaine on golf course

“At least one minor and at least one sex-worker were invited to a private party on a golf course that was held by members of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department in 2012. Witnesses reported that members of the party were openly using cocaine and that the woman who attended the party was walking around the golf course fully nude.

There is plenty of evidence proving that the incident occurred because the officers asked bartender Gino Defonzo to take photos of them with the woman. The woman is seen naked pictured between a number of officers holding beers, and one of the officer’s underage sons.”


At least they went home safe and unharmed that day.

Thank the lord above for the protection of men like these.

Every day they have to do this job for 8 hours…. Yes, every day.

Not everyone is up to a job like this

That is why we need heroes

Heroes in blue

Think about these guys the next time you look at a cop

Heroes , all

These guys are such scumbags that they would fit right in at the Hernando county sheriffs Dept. Palm beach county Florida Heroes in blue. Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

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