Ohio deputy shoots news photographer during traffic stop

Feel safe yet? Cops shoot citizens every day until they start to shoot back. Now they are so frightened that they are randomly shooting at anything that resembles a gun.     Think I am kidding? Read this news excerpt from 2013:

” Officers were on a heightened state of alert, given Dorner’s previous violence against police and a report that Dorner was in the area; the officers were conducting a security detail “with limited planning or tactical instruction”; the truck that Margie Carranza and her then-71-year-old mother, Emma Hernandez, were driving was similar to Dorner’s; and the sound of the women’s newspapers slapping against driveways resembled gunshots. “

Similar truck? Yes, it was a truck and had 4 wheels, that was how it was similar. Other than that it was a totally different make and color than the killers. And seriously, newspapers that sounded like gunshots? Someone needs to get these frightened little men off of the streets.

With all of the trouble they have stirred up shooting people, they now have a real reason to worry. Fear and frightened men with a gun do not go well together.


“Photographer Andy Grimm of the New Carlisle (Ohio) News said he harbors no anger toward the sheriff’s deputy who shot him Monday evening while he was setting up his camera equipment.

“There’s so much animosity toward police officers,” Grimm said. “He was just doing his job. I think he made a bad decision.”

Clark County sheriff’s deputy Jake Shaw was placed on administrative leave Tuesday. The sheriff’s office said Shaw will attend a “critical incident debriefing” after Monday’s shooting in New Carlisle, north of Dayton.

“He shot somebody, an unarmed civilian,” Grimm said. “Realistically there’s going to be consequences.”

Grimm said he got out of his Jeep to take photos of a traffic stop and started setting up a tripod and camera when he was shot in the side.

It was late Monday evening and a lightning storm was rolling in.

“My camera was already on the tripod and I grabbed it and turned and I just hear pop, pop,” Grimm told Dayton TV station Fox 45. “I did not hear a single warning. Did not hear the deputy identify himself. I said, ‘What the —- Jake Shaw? You shot me, dude.’”

Grimm said Shaw ran over to him after quickly realizing what happened.

“He said, ‘Oh my God, Andy,’ then he made the call, ‘Shots fired, got a man down.’ He definitely told me, he said, ‘I thought it was a gun, I thought it was a gun,'” Grimm said.”


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