Cops kill a pet in the U.S. every 98 minutes

“A rash of animal shootings by police officers nationwide has law-enforcement agencies running for cover amid growing public outrage that could force state legislatures to require greater accountability from men and women in uniform.

Police in Utah shot a family’s dog while searching for a lost boy, prompting hundreds of pet owners to protest June 28 in front of the Salt Lake City Police Department headquarters. They carried signs demanding “justice for Geist,” a 110-pound Weimaraner shot by a city cop within the dog’s fenced-in back yard. The “missing” boy was later found sleeping in his home.”

“State police in West Virginia shot a family’s dog June 24 as it was reportedly running away from them during a search for a suspect on adjoining property. Shots rang out even as the dog’s owner was screaming for officers to hold their fire and let her put her dog inside.

In Maryland, two Baltimore police officers were charged last week with animal cruelty after one of them allegedly held down Nala, a 7-year-old Shar-Pei, while the other slit the dog’s throat.

Richard Bruce Rosenthal, general counsel and co-founder of New York-based the Lexus Project, said police across the country are trending toward less tolerance and less respect for people’s pets, which he sees as part of a larger trend toward more aggressive policing tactics in America.

A pet is a person’s property, which should not be summarily executed for doing what dogs naturally do, which is to investigate unknown people or other dogs who approach their territory, he asserted.”

““It is a growing problem and part of it is, post 9/11, our judicial system has basically trashed the Constitution under the mantle of security, and personal rights cease to exist,” Rosenthal told WND.

“All over the country we have cops shooting dogs for no other reason than they can. And our courts and our elected officials, rather than protecting the citizens and the Constitution, simply see it as a way to take more power and more money. I think it’s a civil-rights violation. I think it’s a constitutional violation.”

The rest here from WND :

These sure are some stand up people aren’t they?

I really like the one where they held the dog down and cut its throat

Heroes there

But you know what?

People have just about had enough

Below I have copied and pasted the comments posted on the article

Sounds like a rough crowd

“American police are out of control and if you can’t see it, your blind. Stop making excuses for this behavior before it gets worse.”

“Any cop that shoots a dog thats only trying to protect their family deserves to die. But not before they watch their family die in front of them. Then they know how it feels to lose someone thats just trying to do good for you. Then they can see what its like to lose a innocent loved one. Then and only then will they understand your pain.
A change is needed. A stand must be made.
Kill the kill happy”

“Police today are sissy cowardly trigger happy Hitler loving Nazis. They turned in their white sheet and pillowcases to a blue costume with plastic badge which says Plantation Police”

“Unfortunately it is going to take one of these cowardly scumbag cops being killed by a pissed off pet///home owner before the local, county and state officials wake up and realize whitewashing these occurrences will not be tolerated and that there is a real problem with these Rambo cops”

“When these Thugs in Uniform are investigated by their own Departments it is no surprise that these cops continue to murder our 4 legged family members. They know that not a damn thing will be done and no matter what evidence there may be, they will keep getting away with it.
Until we get some meaningful legislation to hold these killers accountable, nothing will change. Training won’t do a thing to change the mindset of those officers whose egos feed off their own sense of power.”

“where are they getting these police cowards who are stupid and afraid of dogs??? that their only course of action is shoot maim and kill our beloved dog friends family! *** cowardly cops!”

“Is America’s Police & USA Gov war on animals now targetting our pets, our dogs,our friends? Police officers are not the Law nor above it! The USA Gov is not above the law. Is America over run with S.S. Police officers per government????”

“So… it’s a federal crime to injure a police dog, but it’s totally okay to kill a civilian dog? Hey look, you police stations that have dogs and have actively killed other animals, I can assume you would be pretty upset if someone killed your dog for just… existing I guess
So… don’t *** do it to other people??? If you must, shoot to stop, but I honestly don’t understand why they’re sO SHOCKED!!!1 when a pet becomes defensive or feels the need to investigate the new thing that has the other creatures who live with it so distressed. It’s like with that no-knock raid *** and violently break into someone’s house in _exactly the same way armed robbers might_, but never stop to think “hey maybe these people react so aggressively or freak out because they think someone is attempting to murder and/or steal their possessions”
I wasn’t aware we were discussing thermodynamics.”

“Maybe its’ time….”

“Someone’s personal property and usually considered a part of a family. Think about how these owners are feeling? That kind of attitude is why cops think its ok to shoot people’s pets, becuase they know they won’t be reprimanded for it. Just yelling at a domestic dog is the most you have to do to shoo it away. If a dog bit a cop then I’d see a threat. However, these dogs are just trying to protect the owners and their property. They aren’t vicious creatures, they think and feel as well. Have a heart…”

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