Lee county Florida deputy arrested on theft charge

Another one of Florida’s finest felons

“A Lee County Sheriff’s Office corporal who resigned earlier this year after an internal affairs investigation found he lied on his timecard has been arrested on several counts of grand theft and official misconduct.

Former Cpl. Michael Schlosser, 46, was arrested at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday on one count of grand theft and seven counts of official misconduct for events dating to May and June this year, All are third degree felonies charges.

Schlosser, who had his first appearance in court Wednesday and remains in jail, faces $5,000 bail on each count. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday.”

“The internal affairs report said Schlosser charged an automotive auction business for 13 hours and 22 minutes of security detail work for which he was not present, that’s a total of $1,362 the sheriff’s office accuse him of stealing.

Between March 2014 and July 2015, he billed Manheim SWFL Auto Auction for 159 hours of security work.

Seven times between May 13 and June 24 Schlosser showed up to his detail late and left early but still charged the business for a full day’s work.

On June 24, Schlosser stopped by a lieutenant’s office for small talk while he was supposed to be at his detail. When the lieutenant asked Schlosser if he had permission to be late, Schlosser replied that he was “killing time.”

Sgt. Andrea Fisher said in her internal affairs report that Schlosser’s actions left him with five offenses, including conduct unbecoming of an officer, falsifying official documents and untruthfulness.”

Well, well

I guess he must not have been well liked

Why would I say that?

Because Lee county is notorious for corruption

Had he been part of the old boy system, I’m sure they would have looked the other way

Google “Lee county Florida deputy” and see what pops up

These guys are heroes in the truest sense

You have Lieutenants charged with grand larceny

A deputy that beats and robs someone on duty

Another slob who is so lazy he just ignores a 911 call

Yet another one who forced an inmate to have sex with him

We even have one female officer who was caught up in an on duty sex scandal fatally shooting her cop boy friend

This isn’t just a few bad apples

This is systemic and endemic corruption

Again, Schlosser must have been on some bodies bad side to get taken down

Want to come to Florida?

Well you better hope that one of these degenerates don’t decide to pull you or one of yours over

Original here: http://www.news-press.com/story/news/crime/2015/10/08/former-lcso-deputy-arrested/73513842/

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