Shootings by L.A. cops have doubled this year

“Shootings involving Los Angeles Police Department officers have doubled this year, a statistic that the new head of the agency’s civilian oversight board said Tuesday was alarming.

So far this year, there have been 45 officer-involved shootings in Los Angeles, compared to 23 through the same time period last year, said Matthew Johnson, president of the Los Angeles Police Commission.

Nineteen of this year’s shootings have been fatal, compared to 18 last year and 14 the year before. In 2012, there were 17 fatal officer-involved shootings, and 26 in 2011.”

“Johnson’s comments come as a report by KPCC found that officers in departments throughout sprawling Los Angeles County, including the LAPD, shot at least 375 people, 187 fatally, between 2010 and 2014.

Of the 148 people shot after they dropped their hands out of sight or ‘reached for’ their waistbands, 47 turned out to be unarmed, according to the report, based on district attorney records, other public documents and interviews.

In all, 97 unarmed people were shot. Black people were shot at triple the rate of whites and Latinos.

Of 279 people shot because police said they had ignored their commands, 120 showed signs of mental illness or impairment from drugs or alcohol, the report said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell told KPCC that while troubling, his agency’s shootings involving unarmed people were unavoidable.”


What a joke

Was it unavoidable when they gunned down a 12 Yr. old with a toy gun?

Was it unavoidable when they shot up a 72 Yr. old Asian woman and her daughter while searching for Chris Dorner simply because they were in a pick up?

They are a bunch of despicable cowards

Every time they fear for their life they shoot someone

Whether that person is armed or not

Problem here is that cowards ALWAYS fear for their lives

War on cops?

Doesn’t sound like it

This sounds more like a war on the people

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