Texas hero in blue guns down two teens

“An arrest warrant says 16-year-old Jose Cruz was “intentionally shot” by off-duty Farmers Branch police officer Ken Johnson.

For that, Johnson is charged with murder.

Further, the warrant says Johnson “intentionally shot” 16-year-old Edgar Rodriguez in the hand and head. Rodriguez survived, but remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

For that, Johnson is charged with aggravated assault.

Neither teen was armed.

“You can only use deadly force if you have reasonable belief that someone is about to use deadly force against you,” said former prosecutor and local defense attorney Toby Shook. “You can’t just shoot someone because they stole from you.”

Johnson, 35, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the Sunday shooting that he says began when the teens broke into his SUV at his Farmers Branch apartment complex. Video shows Johnson chasing the Cruz’s red Dodge Challenger down Marsh Lane, appearing to ram the back of it, causing it to spin and crash.

A picture taken by bystander allegedly shows Johnson pointing a gun at the car.”

The rest here: http://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/ken-johnsons-case-headed-to-grand-jury/87121051

This from the article:

“He said that the surveillance video in the case is consistent with Johnson’s statement that he was in fear of his life when he took law enforcement action.

“They were in the middle of committing a crime and they did not follow orders,” Livingston said. “They indicated and they gave a threat to Officer Johnson. ”

How about that?

He feared for his life because they didn’t follow orders

All the while , he had a loaded gun pointed at them

What a scumbag

Either a filthy murderer on a power trip

Or a coward

You never know who might be pulling you over when you see cherries in the mirror

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