Oregon deputy arrested for luring a minor and sexual abuse


“HOOD RIVER, Ore. (KOIN) — A Hood River Deputy was arrested Friday on charges of luring a minor, sexual abuse, public indecency and private indecency, the sheriff’s office said.

Sheriff Matt English learned of the alleged misconduct that occurred while Deputy Marc Smith was off duty. Smith was placed on administrative leave while Oregon State Police investigated the allegation.

On September 9 he was arrested and is being lodged at Northern Oregon Regional Corrections.

“While Mr. Smith’s conduct happened off duty, making certain that our organization maintains the highest standards of conduct and professionalism is paramount. I am committed to ensuring that our employees are held to the same standards as every citizen and that we are accountable for our actions whether on or off duty.”

Hood River deputy arrested for luring, sex abuse

So why are cops given default hero status?

Because it is jut a few bad apple right?

Why does a court assume that a “Sworn officer of the court” is truthful?

Because most of them are good cops correct?

If that is the case than why are so many of these cops getting arrested?

Go to the CATO institute police misconduct site (http://www.policemisconduct.net/) and you will find thousand upon thousand reports of LEO lawbreakers

Go to google and put in “officer arrested” and see what comes up

Go to google and put in “officer arrested child porn”

Wow! Even I didn’t expect that many results!

Go to google and put in “Officer arrested rape” and see the amazing amount of results

What a rapey bunch , Huh?

Who would have guessed with rape being all about violence and control

They don’t care who they rape

They sodomize men, women, accident victims and people they randomly pull over

If you think that you are safe when you get pulled over on a dark highway

Think again

Just because that man with a gun and handcuffs has taken an oath

It doesn’t mean anything

Don’t believe me?

Well, before you start your own research

Check out some of the links I have included below

Police rapists 2016


Police busted for child porn 2016


Police busted for 3 weeks of August 2016


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